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Race Night Fundraiser

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A Race Night Fundraiser is one of the most FUN and exciting ways to raise funds for a special cause.

race night

Lots of people give their money away to a charity or good cause easily and some people have a little more difficulty parting with their money.

However, bring the element of fun and excitement into the equation and you’ll find that those usually unwillingly (or reluctantly), suddenly are happy to part with their cash, if they feel like they are being entertained along the way.

This is exactly what a Race Night does and makes it the perfect excuse to run a race night fundraiser.

With our professional systems in place and a high quality audio/visual set up AND our many years of running successful race nights, you’ll find our top quality service second to none, in the entertainment industry.

Premier Race Nights, run race events during the day (fdrom 12pm) or night (from 7.30pm) and is the perfect ‘excuse’ to generate some well needed funds for your cause, or even just for fun !

If you’ve never attended or run a race event before, simply check out our ‘How To Run A Race Night‘ page for all the info you need …

The race night that raise the most funds, tend to be the ones that have put some effort into the planning and organisation of the evnt.

We take care of the organisation at the race event, however a little planning from your side, prior to the race event, means that you can cover the costs of your Race Event (and be in profit), even before the Race Meeting takes place … (Don’t worry it’s not difficult and doesn’t take up too much of your time).

Well organised and professionally run event can generate hundreds, sometimes thousands of pounds for good causes !

If you’d like us to run your event for you, including showing the Race Films and taking care or the tote etc, then it may be worth checking our ‘Availability Calendar‘ and then contacting us to confirm and book a date that’s suitable for both parties.

We’re here to help you create an amazing, exciting and fun event and most of all generate a whole heap of cash for your good cause.

So what are you waiting for ?

Contact us today and book in your next race meeting !

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