How To Run A Race Night

race night

If you are wondering how to run a race night, or even if it’s feasible then you may find the following advise useful …

Race Nights (or even days) are an ideal way to have fun, generate revenue and even bring people together !

You don’t need a special occasion to run a race night, as they are always great atmosphere (when run correctly) and even generate a bit of competitiveness among fellow players.

We usually run a set number of races throughout the event (usually 8 races).

Each race has 8 runners and players pick the number of the horse you think is going to win, in any given race.

If your horse wins, then you will win a cash prize (usually dependant upon how much has been placed on a given race).

horse racing

A tote is run, which records the number of tickets sold and then divided up and split between the winners of each race.

If running as a fundraising event then usually 50% is paid out to the winners, with the remaining 50% going to your charity or fundraising event.

With a little bit of forward planning and a little bit of effort on the race night organisers behalf, you can actually cover our hosting costs and be in profit, before the event takes place.

We request a small deposit which secures your required date, after which
we will provide you with our ‘Race Night Entertainment’ pack … This explains these methods in full detail.

Race nights are completely legal (See Info From the Gambling Commission), due to the way that we run them.

Race nights are suitable for all ages, so even kids can play too !

Not only can we offer you a full Race Night package, we can also offer you add ons, such as our Quiz and/or Disco, which is an ideal way to finish off your entertainment.

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