Premium Race Nights

Premium Race Nights offer a fully hosted race night, providing the races, the sound & visual equipment, tote tickets and more, offering a stress free race night solution.

The main areas we cover are Yorkshire and Lancashire, however we are prepared to travel throughout the whole of the UK, so if you are struggling to find a Race Night company in your area, please don’t hesitate to contact us or view our availability calendar.

We are able to tailor the ‘race meeting’ to you, making it a truly remarkable and memorable event, adding a company/club/pub name or even your logo (if you have one), to your Race Cards.

We provide a guaranteed a great fun night and an amazing atmosphere, including a mix of music in between races, through our own powerful PA system, which packs a punch, when it comes to building the tension of the races.

What is a Race Night ?

A Race Night involves a great night of entertainment, in which we show a series of horse races where your guests can buy a ticket on the horse they think will be the race winner.

If they pick the winner in each race, then they claim their prize money.

Over the course of the event, we usually run 8 horse races, which are run over either flat or jumps courses.

Our races are filmed from top courses around the UK, such as Ascot, Epsom, Cheltenham, Doncaster, York, Chester and Doncaster.

Before each race is run, your guests are invited to purchase tote tickets, which state the race number and the runner number.

Price of the tote tickets are at your discretion, but remember, the higher the tote ticket price, the bigger the payout on each of the races, which then equates to more profit for you.

Covering Your Costs

Race Nights are amazing fun and create a truly exciting atmosphere, and as Race Night entertainers we have costs involved in putting our shows together, plus we have to make a living too !

Having said that we know that organising events can be a costly affair, therefore the way we run our Race Events means that you can cover your costs (including hiring us) AND still be in profit even before the date of the race event.

This is all done with a little forward planning (and a little time investment on your part – but don’t worry, it’s really easy !)

All the info will be provided in the ‘Race Pack’ you receive from us, once your booking is confirmed !

Running The Tote

A ‘tote system’ is used to calculate the winnings.

This means that money is collected in, a percentage is retained for funds (if required for fundraising) and the remaining is shared out as winnings, between those guests with a winning ticket.

So, unlike a high street bookmaker, odds are not offered in advance of the race, as we do not know how much money has been placed until we close the ‘tote’

Selection is made from fictitious names on a race card that we produce for you and are identified by numbers only.

Once all bets have been placed, the ‘tote’ is closed and a member of the audience is requested to select one of the eight races on offer, making it all a very random process. (We don’t even know in advance who will win each race, due to this process !)

The lights are dimmed and the excitement is turned to full power, as the film begins and guests are encouraged to cheer their horse to be first past the winning post.

Once the winners have claimed their winnings, the tote is re-opened for the next race and the fun starts once more !

Race Nights create an electric atmosphere and everyone can get involved.

Guests enjoy a little flutter and enthusiasm increases as the night progresses.

People come out of their shells and you’ll see players becoming involved, getting excited and cheering their horse/turtle on, making for a superb atmosphere, that you’ll soon be thinking about your NEXT RACE NIGHT !

Ready to book your Race Night, or just want to ask us more questions ? Contact me here

Making It Even More Fun !

What Makes Us Different …

Well, we have some AMAZING add-ons that separate us from our competitors.

PREMIUM RACE NIGHT SERVICES EXCLUSIVE – As an extra little bit of fun (and to add some more excitement to the event), we can run an exclusive turtle race into the mix too !

Does your crowd like to Quiz ? Then why not add our FUN Trivia Quiz into the mix, which brings an even bigger element of competitiveness to the whole event – Please ask for details at time of booking !

Does your crowd like to Dance ? This is our most popular Add On and can bring an excellent event to an even better finish as you dance the rest of the day or night away – Please ask for details at time of booking !

Whatever your needs, we can tailor a custom package to suit almost any occasion, so don’t delay – BOOK TODAY !

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